We help non-verbal children with intellectual disabilities to learn and communicate.


about us.

Aawaz is artificial intelligence based language learning and communication platform for non-verbal users. It is the next generation Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) application that generates speech and encourages user to explore new vocabulary and sentences. We focus on communication skills that are important for learning environment such as commenting on different topics, concepts, and objects not physically present in immediate environment. Aawaz enables children with learning disabilities to attain social and life skills through communication.


Our focus.

We put Fun in learning through AAC.
Learn Vocabulary

Aawaz unique Discovery Mode introduces single word with symbol icons and animations. Linearly introduced words are combined to build sentences. We make learning new words engaging and fun for children.

Learn Sentences

Aawaz Artificial Intelligence engine generates logical sentences irrespective of selection sequence of word icons. We encourage users to generate new structrually correctsentences and communicate.

Social Interactions

Aawaz Stories Mode introduces new words, sentences, and social scenes through engaging and fun stories. You can easily create your own social stories according to your needs, and share them with family and friends.


Learning through Aawaz is not boring as with usual AAC applications. We reward users with stickers on successful lesson completion, so they can create their own stories. Aawaz Create Story mode is a cheat sheet to know what your child is thinking.


Aawaz In Detail

Creating an inclusive learning environment for children with special needs.

Efficient Communication

Aawaz generates different sentences from random selection of words and encourages user to learn and create new sentences. Aawaz improves language learning without compromising on speed of communication.


Success in Learning Environment

Not only does Aawaz help users to communicate their immediate needs “Now and Here”, but it also encourages children to randomly comment and share abstract ideas to develop “Then and There” communication skills for learning environment.



Iconicity influences how effectively non-verbal children will understand and use pictures as symbols representing words. Aawaz uses small animations to better convey the meanings of verbs, abstract and difficult words.



Aawaz settings can be remotely changed by a therapist or a caregiver. They can remotely monitor the learning progress of a child and customize the learning plan according to individual user need.


Our team.

Dr. Seemab Latif


Mr. Faisal Fateh


Mr. Waseem Durrani

International Business Developer

Moez Isar

Team Lead - Software Developer

Sarmad Bashir

Senior AI Developer

Syed Sarmad Shah

AI Developer

Areej Farooq

Mobile Application Developer

Samar Nasim

Graphic Designer

Asma Nisa



AI Developer



AAWAZ Incubated at TIC

AAWAZ Incubated at Technology Incubation Center (TIC), NUST. Proud to be part of TIC.

Winner of "Pitch Your Startup Idea to IBM"

AAWAZ won “Pitch Your Startup Idea to IBM” at IEEE WIE Internatinal Leadership Summit.

ILM2 Funding

Part of ILM Ideas2 Cohort.


AAWAZ won funding from HEC under Technology Development Fund program (TDF).

World IPO Summit 2018

Represented Pakistan during World IPO Summit, Geneva 2018.


Aawaz stories makes language learning and sentence construction so much engaging and fun for our children. They make stories and give us a peak in their thoughts. I am blown away as I never thought AAC devices could be so much fun for kids.

Sana Azhar Khan


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About Aawaz

We help non-verbal children with intellectual disabilities to learn language and communicate.

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Office 214, 2nd Floor, Technology Incubation Centre (TIC), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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